It can be a little confusing to try and work out what can go in your green bin. But keeping it simple really helps.

 If it once grew…it can go!


Simple as that. Check out our poster below on what CAN and what CAN’T go.

  • ALL food scraps
  • Any non laminated cardboard (pizza boxes and cardboard packaging, egg cartons (without plastic films)
  • Products Certified Compostable to  AUS – AS 4736
  • Packaging that is 100% paper, cardboard, bamboo, wood or rye straw (with no lining or additives (e.g. 100% bamboo cutlery, 100% plain cardboard food trays)
  • Paper packaging, paper towels and tissue boxes (paper packaging – paper bags, takeaway bags)
  • Non-treated wood and timber
  • Plants, weeds and herbs (any weeds are fine) 

Why should you put organics materials in your organics bin?

When you put organics into your green bin, or go to a restaurant that recycles it’s organics and left overs, you can know that if it comes to Jeffries, it’s being turned into quality compost, soil and mulch in the most sustainable way possible.