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Commercial Recycling

What you can recycle

Clean Green Recycling


We accept logs & stumps, branches, leaves and grass clippings and mulched material.


We accept organic liquid wastes, food scraps and organic left-overs.

Commercial Dust

We accept saw dust, paper dust, wheat dust and limestone dust.

clean timber recycling


We accept pallets & crates, timber packaging and off-cuts, non-treated demolition, ply wood (no plastic laminate)


We accept grease trap, stormwater/silt trap, directional boring (muddy water), liquid wine/beverage waste, DAF/trade waste, hatchery/tannery liquid waste

Jeffries Compost Service

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Jeffries Gold Star Recycling Customers

Recycling Organics with The Garden of Unearthly Delights

The Garden of Unearthly Delights: Mad March is well and truly underway in Adelaide with the Fringe in full swing. One of the major attractions for the Fringe is the Garden of Unearthly Delights. In a partnership with Veolia Australia, Jeffries collects and recycles...

Gold Star Recyclers – The Foodprint Experience

The Foodprint Experience - Gold Star Recycler If you want to enjoy your morning coffee and feel really, really good about it The Foodprint Experience  at 111 Franklin Street is the place to go.  The Footprint Experience is a small café sitting alongside the...

Gold Star Recyclers – Cafe Troppo

Cafe Troppo – Gold Star Recycler Café Troppo on Whitmore Square is a café which set the standard for sustainability when they opened seven years ago and continues to be environmental innovators today. With lots of cafés now claiming to be green we set out to discover...

Gold Star Recyclers – Vilis Family Bakery

Vili's Family Bakery - Gold Star Recycler “I hate waste!”  Vili Milisits, South Australian entrepreneur and owner of the iconic Vili’s Bakery, is indisputably decisive and he is relentless in his pursuit of turning any ‘waste’ products into something useful. Vili’s...

Gold Star Recyclers – Argo on the Parade

Argo on the Parade - Gold Star Recycler The busy, vibrant Argo Café at Norwood is known for delicious food catering for everyone no matter what their food choices.  Part of a group of businesses employing over 170 people in South Australia the Argo group under...

Working together to reduce food waste: Café Troppo

  Working together to reduce food waste: Café Troppo Café Troppo is a sustainable cafe committed to working with and within our environment serving the finest organic coffee and food. Conveniently located at 42 Whitmore Square in Adelaide, it offers variety of...

Working together towards sustainability ♻

Royal Copenhagen Brighton Royal Copenhagen in Brighton is a sustainable Ice Creamery and Dessert Bar committed to reducing waste and protecting environment. In this short interview with Tiarne, we can all see how small changes we make to our everyday business decision...

Show You Care With Every Sip.

Early this year Adelaide Airport ran the “Show You Care with Every Sip” Campaign to in conjunction with international coffee week and to support their ongoing commitment to reducing waste and promote their sustainability program. The campaign involved using fully...

Recycling Tips