Need to get rid of your organics
but want to ensure they are being recycled?

Leave your clean green, clean timber, food organics and liquid organics with us

And you can be sure they will be recycled into quality compost, soil or mulch.

Can we accept your organic waste?

Please click on the types of organics we accept at our Wingfield Depot for what we can and can not accept.

For more information, call our Environmental Division on 8368 3555 or 1800 JEFFRIES.
Or email us.

Clean green

Drop your clean green at our Wingfield depot.
We accept logs & stumps, branches, leaves & grass clippings and mulched material.

Clean timber

Drop your clean timber at our Wingfield Depot.
We accept pallets & crates, timber packaging & off-cuts, non-treated demolition, ply wood (no plastic laminate).

Food organics

Sign up for our commercial food scraps collection or drop your food organics at our Wingfield Depot.
We accept organic liquid wastes, food scraps and organic left-overs.

Liquid organics

Drop your liquid organics at our Wingfield Depot.
We accept grease trap, stormwater/silt trap, directional boring (muddy water), liquid wine/beverage waste, DAF/trade waste, hatchery/tannery liquid waste

Commercial Dusts

We also accept saw dust, paper dust, wheat dust and limestone dust