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1 unit on our online store is equivalent to one 4x6 flat trailer load OR 0.76m³ OR 1/2 Tonne (depending on the product). Use our calculator above to get an estimate.



Jeffries Organic Compost can be used as a soil conditioner, can be added to existing soil to build health and is particularly useful in poor or nutrient depleted soil. Jeffries Organic Compost is NASAA certified for Organic Input and Certified to Australian Standards.

Key benefits:

  • Creates stronger, healthier root and plant growth, as it:
  • Increases organic carbon in the soil
  • Improves aeration and water infiltration
  • Increases nutrient uptake by plant roots
  • Provides micro-organisms vital for soil fertility
  • Improves plant resilience against disease and during
    extreme conditions
  • Helps keep soil temperatures more constant – cooler in summer and warmer at night


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  • Can I plant straight into compost?

    Compost itself is not a growing medium, but a soil conditioner or soil amendment. It is organically rich but more of a good thing is not necessarily better. Using excessive amounts can create too much warmth for the plant roots and may not provide adequate drainage. Apply approximately a 3cm layer and mix it into your sol to provide the right mix

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