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Gardening Tips

Growing a Great Lawn

When cared for properly, the lawn can become the highlight of any garden and make your neighbours green with envy! A secret to any healthy lawn isn’t necessarily lots of attention but routine care. Finding what products work for your lawn and how frequently to use...

How to Grow the Best Indoor Plants

Growing indoor plants is the perfect solution if you lack the room for an outside garden or just wish to bring natural beauty inside. Even while not all indoor plants require the same level of care, these fundamental principles provide the essential knowledge for...

Top 5 Tips to Growing the Best Tomatoes

It's the ideal time to head outside and begin creating the Spring garden of your dreams now that the dark, gloomy winter days are behind us and the sun is beginning to shine. Now that the dismal, dark winter days are (almost) behind us and the sun is starting to...

Top Tips to Grow a Beautiful Garden

Watching your garden grow is always exciting, however maintaining this beauty is important. Knowing and understanding a few key tips and tricks will allow your garden to be successful.   Picking the right plants Making sure you choose plants best suited to the...
Fungi in my Mulch

Fungi in my Mulch

Fungi in my mulch – the good, the bad and the ugly! Mushrooms and other fungi appearing in your mulch or compost can sometimes be a surprise it...

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