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Growing a Great Lawn

23 Nov, 2022

When cared for properly, the lawn can become the highlight of any garden and make your neighbours green with envy! A secret to any healthy lawn isn’t necessarily lots of attention but routine care. Finding what products work for your lawn and how frequently to use them can assist your lawn in becoming beautifully green and luscious. A healthy lawn comes with many benefits, it provides space for the kids to play, and even the family pets can enjoy and soak in the sun. It can be a desirable feature for potential homebuyers and provides the perfect space for entertaining in the Australian Summer. A lush lawn will bring your space to life, but how exactly do you achieve this? Follow these tips for when it comes to maintaining your lawn.


Regular Mowing

It’s amazing the difference a quick mow can make to your lawn. A high setting mow every now and then is a fantastic technique to keep any weeds in check and to give a healthy and neat appearance. Since your grass will grow the fastest and be at its healthiest in the Spring and summer, these are the seasons when it will require the most upkeep. To keep up with your lawn maintenance over the Winter, you can mow as needed. Keep your mower on a high setting, and never cut your lawn in frosty conditions. As a bonus, the scent of freshly cut grass is a great stimulant for the senses and adds a hint of Summer to any backyard or barbeque parties you may host.

Mow to an Ideal Cutting Height

While we’re talking about mowing your grass lets address the ideal height of your lawn. The recommended cutting height for each variety of grass varies depending on its health and growth potential. If it is trimmed back to this height before it grows too long and is properly fertilised and watered, it will typically outcompete weeds. You should cut your lawn when it is roughly 30% longer than the recommended cutting height. If weed seeds do sprout, they then lack the sunshine needed for strong growth. By keeping the height under control, you may prevent weeds from spreading by cutting off their seed heads.

Water your lawn deeply, but less frequently

Your lawn won’t benefit much from putting your sprinkler on for a few minutes a few times per week. Learn to water your grass less frequently and deeply for a healthier lawn. Your grass will begin to develop deeper roots into the soil if you water sparsely and deeply. This enables your lawn to remain green through dry spells or excessively hot temperatures. One inch of water applied to your lawn once a week is what experts advise. Of course, this quantity can change based on the kind of soil, grass species, and local weather conditions. 

Feed your Lawn!

Fertilising is a key component of maintaining a lawn since it promotes year-round growth and healthy grass. The right fertiliser will improve your soil health for a generally stronger and healthier lawn. We advise doing it twice a year: once in the Autumn to safeguard it over the Winter, and again in the Spring to encourage development and get you through the Summer. Once you have found the perfect products for your lawn apply your fertiliser to your lawn and water your lawn well to help soak it in. Our Seasol for Lush Green Lawns Liquid Fertiliser provides an array of benefits including healthy growth, stimulation of the root system and reduces stress from heat, pests, frost and other diseases that can affect your lawn. This fertiliser can be applied through a hose or, if diluted, can also be spread out by a watering can as well! 

Take action on pests early!

Maintaining your lawn involves more than just mowing it and keeping it immaculate. Insects such as the black beetle can be found living in gardens and lawns. They can seriously harm your grass if they are not handled. Brown areas where the grass’s roots have been harmed are indications that insects have invaded your lawn. Grab a bucket of soapy water and throw it on the grass to see if the black beetle has impacted your lawn. If there are bugs, they will float to the top. If you encounter more than 20 bugs, there might be a bigger issue at hand.The best method to solve the issue and restore your grass to health is to make an investment in lawn pest treatment. Our David Grays Lawn Beetle Granules is an effective way to control Lawn Beetles and is a quick and easy solution to your beetle infestation.


Lawn care doesn’t need to be difficult, following these simple steps can help you grow a great lawn. Of course products and accessories come into play with this, which is why Jeffries has created a Premium Lawn Bundle to get highly sought after products and tools related to lawn maintenance at a discounted rate of 25% off. Keep your lawn in top shape this summer with Jeffries. 


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