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Caring for your indoor plants during winter

27 May, 2019


With winter fast approaching and the weather starting to cool, here are some simple tips for caring for your indoor plants this winter. 

1. Watering Routine

Check your indoor plants regularly. You will notice that they will need less watering. However, when they do need watering take car of them by using tepid water. Like us in the middle of winter, plants don’t want cold water poured over them when it is cold! Water using room temperature water or just over to care for them.

2. Light!

Winter days generally means less sunlight. Position your plants to where they can get the light they need to soak up the few hours of sunshine. Also make sure to clean any dust that has gathered on the leaves, to ensure the plant can most effectively absorb the sunlight.

 3. Stable Temperature

Like us, plants also like a stable temperature. Remove them away from cold drafts, cold windows at night, as well as sources of heat. Fluctuations in temperatures can be just just as damaging as constant periods of cold or heat.