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Jeffries Regular Potting Mix

$141.00 per unit

1 unit on our online store is equivalent to one 4×6 flat trailer load OR 0.76m³ OR 1/2 Tonne (depending on the product). Use our calculator below to get an estimate.

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Designed especially for potted plants or seed raising, Jeffries Regular Potting Mix provides the ideal soil structure, balancing moisture holding capacity with good drainage. Contains added trace elements for extra vital nutrients.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent drainage due to ideal soil structure, minimising compaction in pots
  • Contains composted organic components which help with water retention, nutrient release and retention, and suppression of growth of plant pathogens by creating stronger roots and healthier plants
  • Perfect for all small to medium potted plants


  • When you need a potting mix with added trace element
  • For all potted plants in small to medium pots including shrubs, ornamentals, fruit trees, veggies and herbs

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