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Horticulture & Viticulture

Jeffries composts and mulches are the trusted choice for commercial growers, across South Australia and into New South Wales and Victoria. 

Our flagship products

Jeffries Organic Compost

Provides immediate and ongoing soil conditioning benefits by adding vital organic carbon and living micro-organisms to your soil. This increases your soils’ fertility for stronger, healthier plant growth, all while saving you water.

Jeffries Rustic Choice

Our newest commercial growers product, moderately refined and readily available, providing a strong return on investment for commercial growers wanting to improve their soils.


Jeffries Dura Mulch

Our most durable, coarse, long lasting mulch. Jeffries Dura Mulch provides excellent protection against moisture loss, suppresses weed growth and will add valuable carbon to your soil as it slowly breaks down.

Custom Blending

We know soils and growing media and can help you customise a blend perfect for the job.

Using Jeffries Organic Compost, soil or mulch products as a base, any prescribed organic and inorganic soil amendments can be blended through to your specification.


Jeffries CulChar

Organic Fertiliser

 NASAA organic certified, carbon-rich fertiliser with added BioChar. It has the capacity to hold nutrients, improve soil structure, store soil moisture and support beneficial soil organisms. There is simply no better way to improve the vitality of your soil than with these unique, all-in-one, easy to apply pellets.

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      For Horticulture and viticulture enquiries

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      Aaron Matthews Ward

      Horticulture Division

      Mobile: 0420 806 620

      Case studies and articles

      A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries CulChar

      Jeffries latest innovation, Jeffries CulChar, is a complete, certified organic, slow-release fertiliser, including essential trace elements and minerals. The inclusion of Jeffries BioChar works together with the organic carbon of the included compost as a long-term soil conditioner. Jeffries CulChar is a very complete and cost-effective nutritional offer that is safe to use in direct contact with plants and their root systems.

      Let’s take a closer look at how Jeffries CulChar works and compare how it performs next to other organic fertiliser alternatives.

      A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries Organic Compost

      There’s no denying that Jeffries Organic Compost is a useful soil amendment. Among its many benefits, it improves aggregate formation, porosity, water-holding capacity, humus formation and beneficial microbial growth. Jeffries Organic Compost has excellent soil...

      How compost reduces irrigation requirements and conserves water

      One major advantage of compost is its ability to hold moisture, retain it for longer, increase the amount of water available to plant roots, and minimise the need for irrigation. Ultimately, improving water saving practices and reducing economic overheads for farmers. But how exactly does it do this?

      If we dig deeper, we find that compost helps to save on water in a few different ways.

      Jeffries Organic Compost – The smart choice for professional growers

      The smart choice for professional growers One of the most important components for improving soil fertility and farm productivity is organic matter or organic carbon Organic matter improves soil structure as well as water and fertiliser efficiency, ultimately leading...

      Soil pH – what you need to know

      High Soil pH? Bin the test kit and don’t panic! Phil Barnet from ProAg is a very clever Adelaide based soil professional that Jeffries calls upon when we need to know even more about soil! I regularly hear from stressed gardeners and landscapers who have tested soil...

      Salinity issues?

      Do you really know what you are putting on your soil? Have you been using chicken manure and wondering why your salinity is going up? Based on a typical analysis, every 30 tonne truck and trailer of product, Jeffries Organic Compost is higher in organic matter and...

      Certified for Organic Production

      The majority of our products are certified for organic production by NASAA. Look for this symbol.

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