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Every soil can benefit from a regular boost of organic matter, whatever its condition.

Using Jeffries Organic Compost will add vital organic carbon and living micro-organisms, increasing your soil’s fertility for stronger, healthier plant growth, all while saving you water.

Jeffries Organic



Australian Standard 4454 LIC 2017
Certified for organic production to NASAA
standard 5125M


  • As a soil improver/conditioner
  • To add to existing soil
  • If you have nutrient depleted soil
  • If your soil struggles to retain moisture 
  • If you have sandy soil
  • If you have clay soil

Key Benefits

Creates stronger, healthier root and plant growth, as it:

  • Increases organic carbon in the soil
  • Improves aeration and water infiltration 
  • Increases nutrient uptake by plant roots
  • Provides micro-organisms vital for soil fertility
  • Improves plant resilience against disease and during extreme conditions
  • Helps keep soil temperatures more constant – cooler in summer and warmer at night

Certified to Australian Standards

Jeffries Organic Compost is certified to Australian Standard AS4454. This gives you the assurance that you will consistently receive a high quality organic compost year on year.


Certified for Organic Production

Jeffries Organic Compost is certified for organic production to NASAA standard 5125M, ensuring you that you are using a product that is certified to the highest organic standard available in Australia.

Which Product?

Made From

Organic material that has been through a controlled process of natural aerobic composting. Sources include home green bin, garden prunings and food organics.