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Jeffries Special Soil

$42.75 per unit

1 unit on our online store is equivalent to one 4×6 flat trailer load OR 0.76m³ OR 1/2 Tonne (depending on the product). Use our calculator above to get an estimate.

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Jeffries Special Soil is an all-round soil used to establish new garden beds, top up existing garden beds and in place of a sandy loam when you want added benefits from organic matter.


**Please note Special Soil is sold by the tonne. 1 UNIT = 1/2 TONNE**


Key Benefits

  • Rich in organic matter and free-draining
  • Improved soil structure allowing better water infiltration and increased soil aeration
  • Improved moisture holding capacity, reducing water consumption and cost
  • A gradual release of nutrients
  • Beneficial micro-organisms that support healthier, sustained growth


  • As a topsoil to establish new garden beds
  • To top up existing garden beds
  • Outdoor areas where topsoil has been depleted
  • In place of a standard sandy loam when you want added benefits from organic matter
  • Underneath new instant lawn
  • Popular with ...
  • Landscape Projects
    Garden Beds
    Established trees
    Rolled Turf

Made From

Proudly made in South Australia from recycled organic material. It is a consistent blend of ingredients including sandy loam, course, washed sand and Jeffries Organic Compost.

Made from recycled materials

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