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Jeffries Blog

Recycling at home

What can go in my green bin?

One of the most asked question we get at Jeffries is  Do you accept '...'? or, Can i put '....' in my green bin? It's for good reason. It can be so confusing with different certifications, conflicting information and with green washing ever present with products...

What it means to be certified compostable

Compostable defines a product that is capable of decomposing into natural elements, leaving no toxicity in the soil. If a material is considered compostable, controlled composting process should transform it into organic matter within 3 months, while under normal...

Closing The Loop

All your food scraps and leftovers that you put into your green bin or commercial food organics bin, once delivered to Jeffries, they will be turned into quality compost, soil and mulch in the most sustainable way possible.

Local businesses recycling right!

Recycling Organics with The Garden of Unearthly Delights

The Garden of Unearthly Delights: Mad March is well and truly underway in Adelaide with the Fringe in full swing. One of the major attractions for the Fringe is the Garden of Unearthly Delights. In a partnership with Veolia Australia, Jeffries collects and recycles...

Gold Star Recyclers – The Foodprint Experience

The Foodprint Experience - Gold Star Recycler If you want to enjoy your morning coffee and feel really, really good about it The Foodprint Experience  at 111 Franklin Street is the place to go.  The Footprint Experience is a small café sitting alongside the...

Gold Star Recyclers – Cafe Troppo

Cafe Troppo – Gold Star Recycler Café Troppo on Whitmore Square is a café which set the standard for sustainability when they opened seven years ago and continues to be environmental innovators today. With lots of cafés now claiming to be green we set out to discover...

Gold Star Recyclers – Vilis Family Bakery

Vili's Family Bakery - Gold Star Recycler “I hate waste!”  Vili Milisits, South Australian entrepreneur and owner of the iconic Vili’s Bakery, is indisputably decisive and he is relentless in his pursuit of turning any ‘waste’ products into something useful. Vili’s...