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It’s Time to Re-think Food Waste

10 Nov, 2017

It’s Time to Re-think Food Waste

Watch Top 5 TED Talks to hear from industry leaders and influencers about the latest and most effective food waste strategies. 



by Arthur Potts Dawson 


What does sustainable restaurant look like? Learn more about how Arthur Potts Dawson created one of the kind sustainable restaurant.


“Okay, so you ask what a sustainable restaurant looks like. Basically a restaurant just like any other. This is the restaurant, Acorn House. Front and back. So let me run you through a few ideas. Floor: sustainable, recyclable. Chairs: recycled and recyclable. Tables: Forestry Commission. …. The whole business is run on sustainable energy. This is powered by wind …”





by Pam Warhurst


Pam Warhurst demonstrated that changing people’s behaviour and attitudes about using resources differently is not that difficult at all. 


“So, three and a half years ago, a few of us sat around a kitchen table and we just invented the whole thing. We came up with a really simple game plan that we put to a public meeting. We did not consult. We did not write a report. Enough of all that. And we said to that public meeting in Todmorden, look, let’s imagine that our town is focused around three plates: a community plate, the way we live our everyday lives; a learning plate, what we teach our kids in school and what new skills we share amongst ourselves; and business, what we do with the pound in our pocket and which businesses we choose to support.”





by Charles Moore


Charles Moore talks about the importance of reducing amount of plastic we use. Governor Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria stopped by to discuss his display at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro


“This is the legacy we are leaving to future generations. The throwaway society cannot be contained — it has gone global. We simply cannot store and maintain or recycle all our stuff. We have to throw it away. Now, the market can do a lot for us, but it can’t fix the natural system in the ocean we’ve broken…The solution is to stop the plastic at its source”






by Tristram Stuart


Tristram Stuart delves into the shocking data of wasted food, calling for a more responsible use of global resources.


“As a country gets richer, it invests more and more in getting more and more surplus into its shops and restaurants, and as you can see, most European and North American countries fall between 150 and 200 percent of the nutritional requirements of their populations. So a country like America has twice as much food on its shop shelves and in its restaurants than is actually required to feed the American people”



Posted 10.11.17


A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries CulChar

A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries CulChar

Jeffries latest innovation, Jeffries CulChar, is a complete, certified organic, slow-release fertiliser, including essential trace elements and minerals. The inclusion of Jeffries BioChar works together with the organic carbon of the included compost as a long-term soil conditioner. Jeffries CulChar is a very complete and cost-effective nutritional offer that is safe to use in direct contact with plants and their root systems.

Let’s take a closer look at how Jeffries CulChar works and compare how it performs next to other organic fertiliser alternatives.

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How compost reduces irrigation requirements and conserves water

How compost reduces irrigation requirements and conserves water

One major advantage of compost is its ability to hold moisture, retain it for longer, increase the amount of water available to plant roots, and minimise the need for irrigation. Ultimately, improving water saving practices and reducing economic overheads for farmers. But how exactly does it do this?

If we dig deeper, we find that compost helps to save on water in a few different ways.

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