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Rustic choice

Jeffries Rustic Choice is a moderately refined mulch which is readily available and provides a strong return on investment for commercial growers wanting to improve their soils.

Jeffries Rustic Choice


About Rustic Choice

  • Uniform, mid-sized particles

  • Minimal fines

  • Medium to long-term durability (2-5 years)

  •  Long-term soil conditioning benefits

  •  Suppresses weeds

  • Insulates soil from the elements

Key Benefits

  • Significantly increases water retention
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Insulates soil from temperature extremes
  • Medium to long-term durability 2-5 years
  • In-stock and ready to go
  • An economical soil protection solution
  • Slow release of organic nutrients

Which Product?

Made From

Composted recycled organics collected from diverse sources, providing a high level of microbial diversity as it breaks down (unlike single-source mulches and manures).

Jeffries Rustic Choice goes through the same intensive composting system and world-renowned ROSS plant as Jeffries Organic Compost.

Due to its uniform mid-range particle size, Jeffries Rustic Choice can contain a higher level of inorganic material than our other compost and mulches, including the occasional stone, glass or plastic fragment. This does not affect the performance of the mulch in any way .