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Starting with seeds – Operation Veggie Patch – Part 1

1 Oct, 2018

Starting with seeds

And so it begins. We’re turning our Adelaide, suburban, nutrient deficient and pretty straggly back yard into what will hopefully be an edible wonderland.

But we’re not doing it alone. We have experts to assist in making this possible.
Mark Caldicott has been recruited to help choose the best plants for the best output (and location) and Jeffries will be providing the compost, soil and mulch needed to rehabilitate the soil . . . and of course the kids are assisting (for the first 5 minutes anyway).

Project 1 — Operation Veggie Patch — Part 1

What was once a raised garden bed is being turned into a veggie patch. It’s the spot that gets the most morning sun and looks as though it will be big enough to support herbs and veggies, but not too big that it will take a lot of effort to manage. It can also be seen from the kitchen window — which will hopefully be a reminder to water it (one of the main failings of this brown thumb).

Grow seeds or plant seedlings?

Seeing as the kids are very much a part of this adventure, we decided to raise seeds rather than buy seedlings. In my dubious veggie growing past, I had always struggled with growing seeds as something would eat them before they germinated, so we played it safe and decided to plant the seeds in a safe place until they were strong enough to withstand something eating them (we hope). We planted the seeds into half egg shells that can then be transferred directly into the garden, egg shell and all – which adds nutrients as they break down.

And a week later some of them started germinating! We’re so excited!

We planted Basil, Coriander, Rocket, Simpsons Black Seeded Lettuce and Cosmos.
(We also planted cucumber seeds before realising that it wasn’t the right season – enthusiasm’s got to count for something . . . right?)

The folks at Heirloom Harvest were very kind and gave us a few packets of seeds to try.


Next month — Operation Veggie Patch — Part 2

Preparing the garden bed and getting these little beauties in the ground.


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