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Jeffries Blog

The New Calvary Hospital

6 Apr, 2020

Calvary Hospital – Jeffries Projects

The new Calvary Hospital project in the CBD was designed by Birdseye Studios and has come alive by Space Landscape Construction. Jeffries supplied Hydrocell Soil in bulka bags for the level 5, 6 and 7 garden terraces. The beautifully designed terraces provides an outdoor space, with level 7 being used as a mobility garden for rehabilitation patients.

Jeffries Hydrocell Soil

Space Landscape Construction, utilised Jeffries Hydrocell Soil for the garden beds as it is specially developed for these exact projects, where garden beds are several stories high. It is formulated with the unique foam-like growing medium ‘hydrocell’. It provides a lightweight mix, without sacrificing a quality soil to grow in. The soil was craned up to the gardens in 1m3  Bulka Bags and then filled into the 15 garden beds