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Make over my garden

2 Aug, 2018

I want to make over my garden

Need a general spruce up for Christmas or getting ready to sell your home?

Fancying up the garden can be as easy as putting on a layer of mulch. It is that simple.

Move over basic bark, our range of Forever Mulches — red, black and brown — can immediately give your garden a contemporary look. And the best bit? It won“t need topping up for another two to three years. Forever Mulch will also help to lock in the soil“s moisture, meaning you wont have to water as often and it is a barrier against those pesky weeds.

Looking fancy is fine for some, but what if you want a complete overhaul?

If you are thinking of giving your garden an extreme makeover, you have lots of options.

Starting with soil

Adding a soil with good structure and the resistance to compaction will ensure a happy growing medium for your plants for many years to come.

Adding the good stuff

Adding organic matter (either mixing in Organic Compost yourself or using a soil with it already mixed in) will keep your soil healthy and teeming with all of the good bugs and nutrients that helps make a healthy garden.

Layering with mulch

Topping your garden off with a layer of good quality mulch will retain moisture, regulate temperatures, keep weeds at bay and over time, allow the breakdown of nutrients into your soil. Choose from the finest grade full of organic matter, a chunkier look with the added nutrients of Blood and Bone, or a contemporary designer look.


A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries CulChar

A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries CulChar

Jeffries latest innovation, Jeffries CulChar, is a complete, certified organic, slow-release fertiliser, including essential trace elements and minerals. The inclusion of Jeffries BioChar works together with the organic carbon of the included compost as a long-term soil conditioner. Jeffries CulChar is a very complete and cost-effective nutritional offer that is safe to use in direct contact with plants and their root systems.

Let’s take a closer look at how Jeffries CulChar works and compare how it performs next to other organic fertiliser alternatives.

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How compost reduces irrigation requirements and conserves water

How compost reduces irrigation requirements and conserves water

One major advantage of compost is its ability to hold moisture, retain it for longer, increase the amount of water available to plant roots, and minimise the need for irrigation. Ultimately, improving water saving practices and reducing economic overheads for farmers. But how exactly does it do this?

If we dig deeper, we find that compost helps to save on water in a few different ways.

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