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Jeffries taking care of East Waste Organics

9 Jul, 2015

east-waste-logo-cmykJeffries, the compost, soil and mulch experts, are delighted to be processing green organics from the East Waste member council suburbs for the next 10 years. Having been the preferred organics processor for the Eastern Waste Management Authority (East Waste) for the last five years, Jeffries and East Waste have signed on to continue this strong partnership into the future.

Martin Jeffries, Managing Director of Jeffries said ‘We are very happy to continue working with East Waste and be able to offer cost reductions to member council residents through improved efficiencies and technological improvements’.

Jeffries is a 4th generation, South Australian company seen as a pioneer in recycling and reuse, with a commitment to sustainability, caring for the environment and diverting the maximum amount of organics from landfill. East Waste was founded by a number of metropolitan councils to manage their waste collection and is similarly committed to recycling and the environment, whilst also ensuring that services are delivered at the lowest possible cost to the residents they serve.

East waste member council residents can confidently place their green organics into their green bin and know that it will be processed into quality compost, soil and mulch that can in turn be used in their gardens. Jeffries also supply quality compost, soil and mulch products to the iconic Royal Adelaide Hospital project, resellers across metropolitan Adelaide and many leading South Australian vineyards and vegetable growers.


A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries CulChar

A close look at the nutrition of Jeffries CulChar

Jeffries latest innovation, Jeffries CulChar, is a complete, certified organic, slow-release fertiliser, including essential trace elements and minerals. The inclusion of Jeffries BioChar works together with the organic carbon of the included compost as a long-term soil conditioner. Jeffries CulChar is a very complete and cost-effective nutritional offer that is safe to use in direct contact with plants and their root systems.

Let’s take a closer look at how Jeffries CulChar works and compare how it performs next to other organic fertiliser alternatives.

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How compost reduces irrigation requirements and conserves water

How compost reduces irrigation requirements and conserves water

One major advantage of compost is its ability to hold moisture, retain it for longer, increase the amount of water available to plant roots, and minimise the need for irrigation. Ultimately, improving water saving practices and reducing economic overheads for farmers. But how exactly does it do this?

If we dig deeper, we find that compost helps to save on water in a few different ways.

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