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Horticulture & Viticulture

custom blending

Do you add amendments to your soil?

We can custom blend a compost, soil or mulch to your specifications.


Jeffries can blend your selection of soil conditioning products with Jeffries products so you can save time and apply them in just one pass.

Jeffries’ leading edge machinery and efficient blending system means:

  •     an even distribution of the products, aiding application
  •     high volumes can be blended in a short amount of time


What Jeffries can blend?

Using Jeffries Organic Compost, soil or mulch products as a base, any prescribed organic and inorganic soil amendments can be blended through to your specification, including:

  •     gypsum
  •     lime
  •     high analysis fertilisers
  •     liquids
  •     biodynamic preparations

We can source and supply the amendments or you can source your own specialised amendment.


  •     reduce application time
  •     less soil compaction due to single pass
  •     lower spreading costs
  •     saves fuel and labour
  •     all the existing benefits from Jeffries Organic Compost or mulch

Contact us today about customising a blend to suit you.

Custom soil blending