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Multicrop EcoPest Oil Insect Spray RTU 1L

$10.99 each

EcoPest Oil uses healthier parrafin oil for the control of citrus leafminer, scales, mealy bug, aphids and white fly on citrus, grapes, pome and stone fruit, roses, indoor and outdoor ornamentals. EcoPest Oil is eco–friendly as the product is not persistent in the environment and it is certified with NASAA as an allowable input into organic growing. Very low toxicity to pets and the user.

This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is NOT AVAILABLE for pick up.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Organic, NASAA Certified 3264M
  • Kills Scale, mites, aphids & other pests
  • Highest purity Oil
  • Eco-friendly alternative


  • Excellent on citrus and roses
  • Popular with ...
  • Garden Beds
    Raised Garden Beds
    Vegetable Gardens


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