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Organic Fertiliser

Jeffries CulChar is a NASAA organic certified, carbon-rich fertiliser with added BioChar. It has the capacity to hold nutrients, improve soil structure, store soil moisture and support beneficial soil organisms. There is simply no better way to improve the vitality of your soil than with these unique, all-in-one, easy to apply pellets.

premium pellets with added biochar


Organic compost-based fertiliser


Superior microbial diversity for better balance in soil microbiology


Improves resistance to diseases and pests


Gradual release of nutrients to meet the increasing needs of a growing plant


Increases organic carbon and nutrients in the soil which is vital for soil fertility


Added Biochar increases nutrient and moisture retention whilst supporting beneficial soil organisms


Increases nutrient uptake by plant roots


Promotes stronger, healthier root and plant growth


Easy to apply pellet form


NASAA Certified Input for Organic Production


Since it contains Biochar, Jeffries CulChar allows for a sustained release of nutrients to meet the increased needs of the plant as it grows. While traditional fertilisers can lose nutrients to the environment, Biochar stores any excess water or nutrients to be used at a later time. This leads to less reliance on traditional fertilisers and watering.

CulChar slow release

Application rates

Application rate vary according to crop type, stage of growth and soil conditions. These rates are to be used as a guide only.

Application table

What is


Biochar is a specialised form of charcoal, suitable for use as a soil amendment to increase agricultural crop yields and to conserve nutrients and water. Biochar is made by heating woody materials in the absence of oxygen, in a process called pyrolysis, leaving behind essentially pure carbon. This is biochar.


Under the microscope, biochar consists of literally millions of tiny pores. This porous structure gives biochar a very high surface area – 1 gram of biochar can be equivalent to over 2,000 square metres, creating infrastructure for billions of beneficial micro-organisms to thrive. As well as improving the soil structure, the porous nature of biochar allows it to store nutrients and water, then release them when they are needed most.

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