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Organic Fertiliser

premium pellets with added biochar

Give your garden a boost of biology to effortlessly have the plants of your dreams. Jeffries CulChar is a NASAA organic certified fertiliser that contains sustainably sourced Jeffries BioChar. Produced in South Australia, Jeffries CulChar is perfect for garden beds, veggie patches, lawns, pots and roses. It’s honeycomb structure holds nutrients and water then slowly releases them over time as the plant needs them. This means you are getting more out of each fertiliser application and watering. Overall, your plants become more resilient and produce richer, fuller blooms.



Constructed with sustainably produced Jeffries Biochar


Optimised absorption of nutrients by plants


Contains organic blood n bone


Gradual release of nutrients to meet the increasing needs of a growing plant


Get more out of each water and fertiliser application


Less reliance on synthetic fertilisers


Increases soil carbon levels which compounds with every application


Superior microbial diversity and activity for better balance in soil microbiology


Improves resistance to disease and pests so less need for pest control that isn't safe for pets and kids


Breaks down to enrich soil over time


Jeffries Biochar creates a honeycomb structure for nutrients and microbes to thrive


Easy to apply pellet form which you can just throw onto the garden


With the added benefit of Biochar, Jeffries CulChar offers a sustained release of nutrients to meet the increased needs of the plant as it grows. While traditional fertilisers can lose nutrients to the environment, Biochar stores excess water or nutrients to be used at a later time when the plant needs it most. This results in less reliance on traditional fertilisers and watering.


CulChar slow release

Application rates

For home gardens

apply a generous handful per m2.

Reapply 6-8 weeks.


For Viticulture and Horticulture

(market gardens, fruit and vegetable growers), apply 1 – 1.2 tonnes per hectare.

Typical Analysis

What is


Biochar is a specialised form of charcoal, suitable as a soil amendment. Jeffries Biochar is made by heating biomass between 600C-700C in the absence of oxygen, in a process called pyrolysis. Biochar is essentially pure carbon that can stay in this form for potentially thousands of years. The use of biochar has been acknowledged as a way to offset the increasing warming of the planet due to excess carbon in the atmosphere.


Under the microscope, Jeffries Biochar consists of literally millions of tiny pores. This porous structure gives it a very high surface area – 1 gram of biochar can be equivalent to over 2,000 square metres, creating infrastructure for billions of beneficial micro-organisms to thrive. As well as improving the soil structure, the porous nature of Jeffries Biochar allows it to store nutrients and water, then release them when they are needed most.

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