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Jeffries Blog

What is healthy soil?

2 Aug, 2018

How does your soil health stack up?

Soil health refers to the physical, mineral and biological condition of the soil and its potential to sustain biological functioning, absorb water and promote plant and animal nutrition and health. Healthy soils are better able to retain function during, and recover after, stress or disturbance – such as too much or too little rain.

However, despite good practices of many of our farmers and land managers, our soil health has been depleted. Carbon content is severely reduced due to a lack of organic matter, and resultant water-holding capacity is poor. Nutrient availability for plants and animals has been compromised by poor soil health and structure and the ever-increasing reliance on chemical inputs.

Adding organic matter to soil increases carbon levels, increases soil biodiversity, improves soil structure, improves water retention, balances salinity and provides a source of food for soil habitants such as earth worms, good bacteria and fungi.

Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants