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Building sustainable communities: Bridgewater Arts Project

28 Feb, 2018

Bridgewater Arts Project

If you’re driving through Bridgewater it’s impossible to miss this remarkable art project. Graeme & Lex started this sustainability initiative right on their doorstep. They decided to build a wall using mostly unwanted household materials.


Interview with Graeme & Lex:


Q1: Where did you get the idea from? Why was it important to do it?

The idea came from an image on Pinterest.  We wanted privacy but also craved a big, provocative art project.


Q2: Why was it important for promoting sustainability? Did it have any impact on the community?

Lex and I both try to tread lightly, hoping to leave things better than the way we found them. It was refreshing to find out that Bridgewater had been a relatively artistic community at one time, so those who hold the history and appreciate self-expression were happy to see a resurgence Bridgewater’s history.


Q3: How long did it take you from concept to the finish build?

Somewhere in the vicinity of ten months.


Q4: Any organisations or the community help out or support you in any way?

99.9% of the contents of the wall are donated, from neighbours, people just passing through, local businesses, friends, etc.


Q5: Are there any other sustainable projects you currently do, or would like to do in the future?

Lex has been and continues to help plant trees, weed and generally rejuvenate a protected area of Aboriginal land in McLaren Vale.  We rarely plan projects, rather taking projects as they come, all of which have sustainability in mind.


We would like to thank Graeme & Lex for sharing their project story with us.


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