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Online Store Terms and Conditions


We, our, us LF Jeffries Nominees Pty Ltd ACN 007 797 748, trading as Jeffries Group.

Also it’s contractors, assignees and delivery partners.

You, your The customer in the paperwork.

Paperwork Our quote or agreement for sale or hire, any attachment to these terms, and any other relevant paperwork.

Goods The goods or materials to be sold to you, as described in the paperwork.

Your property The address for delivery of the goods, as stated in the paperwork.

GST has the meaning given by the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth)


Sale of Goods

If the goods comprise a quantity of material measured by volume (eg in cubic metres), then:

We guarantee that the quantity stated in the paperwork will be accurate at the time when we load the material for delivery.

We are not responsible for any settling of the goods in the course of delivery to your property.

If you instruct us to leave the goods anywhere on your property, then we are not responsible for any damage caused to your property as a result of complying with those instructions.

If you are not present when we deliver the goods, we will still make the delivery in the manner stated above.

Deliveries will be made only upon receipt of payment in full for the total order.

The goods are at your risk as soon as they are delivered.

Title to the goods passes to you on delivery of the goods.

All prices stated are inclusive of GST.


Limits on our liability

We rely on what you tell us about the services you require.

If you wrongly describe anything to us, including incorrect delivery/tipping instructions making it impossible to deliver product safely, you must pay our costs and expenses of any additional services or deliveries we provide as a result.

We accept no liability for damage if directed to drive over existing concrete or paving.

Any warranty or condition implied (or other liability put on us) under law is excluded from the contract. However, if it cannot lawfully be excluded, then, if allowed, our liability is limited to again supplying the services to be provided by us under this contract at no cost to you or, at our option, paying the cost of their supply.

Otherwise, we have no liability to you, and you release us from any claims, costs or expenses caused to you by us, including by reason of breakdown of the equipment, or our delay or any other default.

While we believe any advice, opinions or suggestions we express to you are correct, we do not guarantee that they are correct and we take no responsibility for any consequences of your reliance on the advice, opinions or suggestions.

When buying our goods you should only rely on your own enquiries and information to satisfy yourself that the goods are suitable for their intended purpose.


Other terms

This contract is personal to you, and cannot be assigned by you.

Each part of this contract must be read so that it is not void or unenforceable. If it cannot, it must be severed (that is, treated as if cut out). The remaining parts of this contract are not affected if any part is read down or severed.

If there is more than one of you, each of you is jointly and severally bound by the contract.

The law of South Australia governs the contract.


Delivery Process

Jeffries works with a network of landscape supply partners to deliver our products direct to your door. You will receive email notifications indicating the progress of your order and the expected date and delivery window time frame. We deliver 7 days a week and will do our best to deliver your order on or at the time a date specified by you or within 28 hours of receiving your order. Should we not be able to deliver your order within the specified time or on the specified day, we will contact you to make alternative arrangements.



Order up to 8 units of bulk compost, soil and mulch and be charged a flat $35 delivery fee for delivery in our metropolitan Adelaide delivery zone.
Order over 8 units and we need two trucks to get your delivery to you – and you will be charged 2 x $35 = $70 for your delivery.



Order 5 or less bags (in total) from the Jeffries Bagged Range and only pay $10 for an unspecificed delivery date within 5 business days.
If you require a specific delivery day, please call our customer service team on 1800 JEFFRIES (1800 5333 7437).
Order more than 5 bags in total and you will be charged flat rate shipping of $35.


Delivery Range

Jeffries will currently deliver anywhere within metropolitan Adelaide. As a guide, this is approximately the area bordered by Two Wells, Roseworthy, Lobethal, Kanmantoo, Strathalbyn, and Sellicks Beach.
If your suburb is outside this range we may still deliver to you for an additional charge.
If you are unsure whether your suburb falls within our delivery range or if you have any other enquiries in relation to our delivery coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or on 8368 3555.



Delivery Costs

For any single product order up to and including 8 cubic meters (m3), our delivery cost is fixed at $35 inc GST anywhere within the delivery range. For any single product order greater than 8 m3, but less than or equal to 16 m3, the delivery cost is $70 inc GST. For larger orders please contact us at [email protected] or on 8368 3555 for a quote.

For mixed orders we will deliver split loads via an 8 tonne truck (if access permits) of two products only up to a maximum of 3.80m3 or 3t. For orders of two products where the total exceeds these maximum volume or weight limits, then at least two delivery trucks will be required and a total delivery cost will be $70. Note: Please be aware that some product mixing may occur when ordering mixed loads. In such cases, the mixing is minimal.

Bag deliveries are $10 for an unlimited number of bags. Allow up to 5 days for bag delivery. If you require your bags sooner you may pay the standard $35 delivery fee to have your bags delivered the following day. Please contact us to arrange this special delivery.


Product Temporarily Unavailable

If an item is temporarily unavailable, you may a) change your ordered item to an alternative item(s) in which case you will be charged or refunded the net balance b) request your order to be delivered when the particular item becomes available again or c) request a refund.


Refund & Returns Policy

Please retain your Jeffries receipt as proof of purchase. This receipt will be required for any refund, return or credit note.

We take no responsibility for over or under calculation of product quantities on your behalf. We will not accept return for credit of product left over.

If you have a refund or return enquiry, please contact Jeffries at [email protected] or on 8368 3555. Jeffries must be notified within 7 days of initial product delivery if the customer believes they have claims for a refund, return or credit note. Jeffries reserves the right not to honour any notification received later than 7 days.