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Our Story

Over the Years


The Jeffries family arrived in Adelaide

  • John Jeffries, born in 1805, and his wife Susannah and young son Johnson arrived in Adelaide on the ship, City of Adelaide in 1842. He bought land at Gawler Plains and named the property Sturton. John and Susannah had 11 children.

Fred Jeffries was born

  • The farm was eventually divided between four of John’s sons including the youngest, Robert Nelson Jeffries. Robert and his wife Mary, who was under age at the time, eloped and had five children. The eldest, Frederick Nelson Jeffries, was born in 15/5/1885

Fred Jeffries marries

  • Fred married Ethel Painter in 1912 and went on to have six children. Fred did not carry on with the family farm as by now there was not enough land to share. He was a hard worker and put his hand to many things including butchering and driving buses.

First truck purchased

  • Fred eventually bought a truck and, carted manure from Balaklava and Mallala to some of the new nurseries starting up around Adelaide at that time. As it had to be shovelled on and off by hand, one load a day was all he could manage

Expanded to soil deliveries

  • His eldest son, also Fred (born 6/2/1913), sourced and delivered soils to the home gardens of Adelaide and the emerging landscape trade. He married Delia Nordhausen on 10/8/1940 and had five children: 3 girls and 2 boys, including eldest son Leonard Frederick Jeffries (born 14/3/1946).

Loam supplies run out

  • Eventually the local supply of quality loam used by Jeffries to blend their soils began to run out. With increased demand for their products, Jeffries needed to completely review the way they operated in order to move forward

First move into manufacturing

  • Eldest son, Len, and now third-generation Managing Director, recognised that the company’s survival lay in manufacturing material to meet the needs of their customers and suppliers.

Len has two sons

  • Len Jeffries has two sons, Lachlan Jeffries (born 1971) and Martin Jeffries (born 1974). By the 1980s there was becoming a better understanding of the need for material that would both improve soils and assist plant growth

Idea for compost & mulch

  • Len struck upon the idea of producing soil additives in the form of compost and mulches. Len and the Jeffries team wrote the instruction manual for commercial composting as they went along, heavily researching and drawing on worldwide information and experience to produce compost from recyclable material and green organics.

Relocated to Wingfield

  • With the increasing volume of green organic material being produced by Adelaide’s gardeners and local councils, Jeffries signed agreements with local councils to ensure a regular supply of kerbside green organic material

A new generation

  • Lachlan Jeffries takes the helm. Brothers, Lachlan and Martin Jeffries both have two children, Beau, Sky, Hugh and Aston. The future fifth generation Jeffries.

New Buckland Park site

  • Further improvements have seen the expansion of Jeffries Group including the construction of a multimillion dollar, world-class environmental recycling development located on a 125 hectare site at Buckland Park just north of Adelaide

Martin Jeffries becomes managing director

  • Martin Jeffries takes over from his brother as Managing Director of the Jeffries Group. 

Tonnes of green organics recycled each year

  • The Jeffries Group now employs more than 70 people and recycles over 150,000 tonnes of organics each year, supplying quality compost, soil and mulch to landscape yards, vineyards and vegetable growers across SA
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