Take the pledge to Stop Soil Erosion

The United Nations has declared December 5 World Soil Day and this year heir challenge to us is to stop erosion, cover our soil and to take the pledge to #StopSoilErosion.

  • The United Nations describes soil erosion as the number one threat to our planet’s soil.
  • Imagine one soccer pitch of soil being eroded every five seconds.
  • It it takes up to 1000 years to produce just 2-3cm of soil.

In Australia we are one of the world’s 10 worst countries for deforestation and massive erosion.  We also face enormous erosion risks from severe and worsening bush fires however there are good things happening. For example, farmers are implementing progressive farming practices such as low till farming.  When we focus on covering and building our soils we can make inroads into reducing erosion and rebuilding healthy soils and ecosystems.

Take action

We are proud to be working with communities, local government and industry groups to be part of the solution for combating erosion.

At Jeffries we use our world leading technology Recycled Organics Sorting System 3.0, affectionately known as ROSS, and our commercial composting processes to turn garden and food organics  into organic compost used in commercial crops and home gardens.  Most importantly this diverts organics from landfill and instead creates high value products.

Clean timber and clean green materials are treated, mulched and turned into premium mulches.  Farmers and gardeners use these mulches and composts to build healthy soil and protect it from erosion.

When you fill your green bin you are part of the solution for protecting our soils against erosion. It’s a win for you, a win for the environment and a win for our soils.

At Jeffries, we have had our hands in South Australian soil for generations, growing strong since 1842. Driven by wholesome family values and innovation, we have developed world-leading organic recycling technologies and collection partnerships. Combining our passion and process the team at Jeffries delivers premium compost, soil and mulch for farmers, viticulturists, landscapers and home gardeners. Together, we are securing the future of healthy soil for generations to come.

Further resources

If you would like to learn more about the different sorts of erosion, causes and solutions you can start with these resources:

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.