Dear Adelaide and surrounding areas,


We understand and acknowledge that smoke pollution from our recent fire is at polar opposites with our passion and sustainable values. At Jeffries we are passionate about sustainability and in particular recycling organic material. Everything we do at Jeffries contributes to a sustainable future.


The Jeffries team wishes to apologise for the smoke from the recent fire at our Buckland Park composting facility and for any inconvenience that it may have caused to you personally.


You can be assured that we will complete a rigorous review of the recent fire and that our team will work hard and engage outside experts to minimise the risk of a recurrence.


In recent times there has been a lot of press raising concerns over the long term sustainability and viability of our household recycling systems. China’s ban on receiving foreign household waste and recyclables is one example. We take this opportunity to highlight that South Australians are well recognised as world leaders in recycling. As developed cities strive to harness and grow a ‘circular economy’ rather than the out of date, opposite, ‘linear economy’ where we make, use and dispose our precious resources. A circular economy is ‘closing the loop’ where waste from one activity becomes a resource for another.


South Australia’s organic recycling system is a world leading, wonderful example of a ‘circular economy’ in action. Where household kerbside green bins full of valuable organic resources are recycled into quality compost, soil and mulch products and used by home gardeners, vineyard growers and fresh food farmers to revitalise their soils.


The Jeffries family has had their hands in South Australian soil since 1842. The Jeffries team today strives to honour that tradition with a vision of being world class organics recyclers making the highest quality compost, soil and mulch products.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


Len, Martin, Lachlan and all the team at Jeffries