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Jeffries Horticulture and Viticulture Product Range

Jeffries supplies a range of compost and mulches to Horticulturist and Viticulturists across south Australia into New South Wales and Victoria. Jeffries composts and mulches are the trusted choice for commercial growers.


Organic Compost


Jeffries Organic Compost provides  immediate soil conditioning benefits along           with ongoing improved soil health.                                                                                                                                                                                


Australian Standard 4454 LIC 2017
Certified for organic production to NASAA
standard 5125M

Product Facts

Product Type: Compost

Particle Size: Fine   

Soil Conditioning: Immediate 

Durability: Medium  (1-2 years)                                                                                                            


Rustic Choice


Jeffries Rustic Choice is a moderately  refined mulch which is readily available and provides a strong return on investment for commercial growers wanting to improve their soils.

New Product

Jeffries Rustic Choice is our newest commercial growers product. Rustic Choice is a readily available medium to long term mulch.

Product Facts

Product Type: Mulch

Particle Size: Medium 

Soil Conditioning: Long-term

Durability: Medium to long-term (2-5 years) *high application rate