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Brunnings Seed Raising Mix 5L

$8.99 each

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Out of stock

Growing plants from seeds can be a difficult task, but seeds sown in Brunnings Seed Raising Mix are far more likely to germinate freely and develop strongly. Designed to provide the ideal moisture and nutrient environment, this mix contains a selected blend of composted materials to ensure reliable seed germination.

It’s also great for cuttings, which will have sufficient moisture to encourage strong root development without ever being too wet or too dry.

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Key Benefits

  • Improved germination of seedlings
  • Strong root development of cuttings
  • Ideal for propagation of a wide range of plants
  • Formulated for better rooting and vigorous growth


  • iImproved propagation of a wide range of plants, including vegetables, bedding plants, flowers, and pot plants


Sowing seeds in Container:
Ensure your pots have drainage holes, and slightly over fill pot with Seed Raising Mix without firming it down at all. Scrape off surplus, level with the top of the container and lightly firm down.

Water thoroughly and allow to drain. Sow the seeds thinly and evenly. (Large seeds should be sewn in rows). Cover with some mix. (Very fine seeds should not be covered). Place clear polythene or a sheet of glass over the top and maintain correct temperature for germination. Uncover when seeds begin to germinate and keep seedlings in good light, but shaded from direct sunlight. Water when surface feels touch dry.

Outdoor Seed Sowing:
Make shallow furrows in the soil. Place 2cm of Seed Raising Mix in the furrows and water. Sow seed as directed. Cover with Seed Raising Mix and firm down gently. Water sparingly and often until germination occurs.

Fill containers in the same way as for sowing seeds. Prepare the cutting in the normal way and make holes in the mix with the end of a pencil, push cuttings in, firm gently and water them in.

Gardening Tips