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Brunnings Propagating Sand 5L

$9.95 each

Brunnings Propagating Sand is a coarse grade sand that is ideal for cuttings, cactus and orchid back bulbs and to add to heavy clay soils to improve the drainage and prevent the clay particles sticking together. Can also be blended with Brunnings Peat Moss to create a quality seed raising mix

This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is NOT AVAILABLE for pick up.

Key Benefits

  • Improve the drainage of lawn and enhance the root health of the individual grass plants
  • Encourages roots to grow into the compost
  • Provides a gritty, sandy growing medium that abrades the seed surface


  • Ideal for cuttings, cactus and orchid back bulbs
  • Can be used to improve drainage in heavy clay soils
  • Popular with ...
  • Garden Beds
    Raising Seeds


Seed Raising Mix
• 8L Brunnings Peat Moss
• 5L Brunnings Propagating Sand
• 250mL Brunnings Vermiculite

Blend Peat Moss and Propagating Sand together to create a quality seed raising mix. Then sprinkle Vermiculite as a fine layer on top of the mix.

Improved Potting Mix
• 4L Brunnings Potting Mix
• 1L Brunnings Propagating Sand

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