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Brunnings Top Dressing & Restorer for Lawns 25L

$12.95 each

Want the best lawn in the street? Brunnings Top Dressing & Restorer for Lawns will help you achieve it! Whether you are laying a new lawn and require a soil mix to go under your turf, or whether you have an existing lawn you need to rejuvenate – our top dress mix is designed to provide your lawn with nutrients and minerals for sustained growth.

This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is NOT AVAILABLE for pick up.


Key Benefits

  • Ideal for repairing damaged and bald spots in lawns
  • Levels uneven surfaces


  • Perfect for all types of lawns
  • Ideal for general top dressing


Simply mix one part of Brunnings Top Dressing with three parts of existing top soil and dig in well. Apply mix and rake area to a level, smooth the surface. Once graded to the correct level, lay turf or sow with your choice of Brunnings Lawn Seed and Brunnings Seed & Turf Starter.
Brunnings Top Dressing is the ideal medium to fill in existing holes, help even out uneven lawns and repair bare patches in lawns that don’t have full grass coverage. After mowing your lawn, spread Brunnings Top Dressing at a depth of 1-2cm and rake in well. Ensure that the coverage is even and not heaped in places and that the grass is visible. Water in well after application. Apply an application of soil wetter to help assist with nutrient uptake and ensuring that the root zone of the lawn receives enough water.

Gardening Tips