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Brunnings Seed & Turf Starter 2.5Kg

$12.95 each

Brunnings Seed & Turf Starter provides essential plant nutrients for germinating lawn seed and promotes rapid root and leaf growth for fast establishment. It feeds lawn grasses until after the first mowing and it is also recommended when laying instant turf.

This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is NOT AVAILABLE for pick up.

Key Benefits

  • Encourages faster germination
  • Helps establish a deeper root system for strong, healthy growth
  • Promotes rapid root and leaf growth for fast establishment


  • Ideal preparation for laying instant turf


How do I apply for best results
Before sowing seed or laying instant turf, scatter Brunnings Seed & Turf Starter at the rate of 80g (2 handfuls) per square metre (40g – 1 handful in WA) and rake into the top 3cm of topsoil. Spread seed evenly, then firm down or tread seed into the surface. Water with fine spray and keep damp until the lawn in established (1 -3 weeks).
How Do I Maintain My Lawn?
Lawn food should not be applied until 3 months after the seed has been planted. If used earlier apply at half the recommended rate. Once established, lawns need regular feeding to resist wear, disease and heat stress. Use Brunnings Green Up granular lawn food for a healthy, lush green lawn. Deep watering is better than frequent light application. Wet the top 10 -12cm of soil to encourage deeper root growth.

Gardening Tips