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Brunnings Dichondra Max Lawn Seed 200g

$49.95 each

Brunnings Dichondra Max Lawn Seed creates a dense, decorative green covering in shady areas where other normal grasses do not perform as well.

This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is NOT AVAILABLE for pick up.

Key Benefits

  • Durable once established
  • Performs well in shady areas where other grass does not
  • With TurboCote technology


  • Good for low traffic and shady areas
  • Ideal for decorative planting


Step 1

Dig soil to a depth of 8cm. Work the top 2cm of soil to a fine smooth texture. Soak the soil the night before seeding.

Step 2
Rake Brunnings Seed & Turf Starter into the soil. Spread Brunnings Dichondra MAX Lawn Seed thinly & evenly at a rate of 8g per metre. Rake lightly into the surface and firm down.

Step 4
Water and keep damp until the lawn is established. Dichondra is slow to germinate in cold weather.

Step 5
Mow when the grass is about 4-5cm high, setting the blades high at first mowing, then low as subsequent cutting to encourage root growth. Give deep, infrequent waterings.

Gardening Tips