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Seasol Advanced Hose-on 2L

$19.95 each

Seasol Advanced Hose-on provides a dynamic combination of benefits to every plant in the garden including natives. It has the plant tonic effects of Seasol to stimulate root growth, enhance flowering and fruiting and increases tolerance to drought, frost, heat, pests and disease. Plus it provides a balanced source of nutrients and trace elements to boost vigorous, healthy growth and liquid compost to condition the soil and improve nutrient uptake.

This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is NOT AVAILABLE for pick up.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes healthy vigorous growth
  • Enhances root growth
  • Stimulates flowering and fruiting
  • Improves soil health
  • Advanced with added nutrients & soil conditioners
  • Ready to use means no mixing; just attach it to the hose
  • Australian made & owned


  • Use to promote healthy vigorous growth and improve soil health

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