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Brunnings Blood & Bone Fertiliser 2.5kg

$8.99 each

Brunnings Blood & Bone based fertiliser is a traditional organic fertiliser suitable for all types of plants, including Australian natives. Nutrients are releaed slowly into the soil and will not burn plants.

This item is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is NOT AVAILABLE for pick up.

Key Benefits

  • It is an organic product which will not burn plants as it releases the nutrients slowly
  • Blood and Bone fertiliser is good strong stuff for growing fruits and vegetables, strong healthy roses and more
  • Greatly boosts growth of all vegies and flowers including exotics and natives
  • Promote early growth on young plants and strong root development


  • Suitable for all types of plants
  • Recommended for preparing garden beds and planting shrubs, trees and roses
  • Ideal for feeding all garden plants especially Australian natives
  • Popular with ...
  • Garden Beds
    Raised Garden Beds
    Rooftop Gardens
    Vegetable Gardens
    Added Fertiliser


Brunnings blood and bone based fertiliser is suitable for use throughout the year and can be applied very six weeks for best results. Water in well immediately after applying.

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