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Compostable Cat Litter

Which bin is best for your cat litter?

Cat litter can be made from a variety of different materials which means that no one bin should take it all! So which are the most ‘sustainable’ solutions?

Any cat litter made of paper, corn, wheat, hay or straw are a welcome addition to your organics bin. Some clay-based litters are too. Silica-based litters are where it gets a bit trickier.

Clay is a naturally occuring substance which is very common for cat litter. Silica is a naturally compostable material, made from sand. Technically both should be totally safe for your organics bin but often other materials are added for smell, feel, or clumping which make it not the case.

We have decided to start a master list of all cat litter brands to best help you find out if your using one that can be added to your organics bin.

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cat kitten walking cat litter


  • Wonder Wheat
  • Breeder’s Choice
  • Catsan Clumping Clay
  • Feline First Premium Clumping
  • Feline First Premium Pine Wood
  • Catmate Wood Pellet Cat Litter
  • Applaws Natures Calling
  • Oz Pet Cat and Pet Litter
  • Ever Clean Clumping Litter
  • Max’s Cat Litter
  • Purina Tidy Cats Clumpinh Litter


  • Trouble and Trix Crystal Litter