Are you passionate about sustainable communities?

We certainly are! And that’s why we created the Jeffries Bag Return Program for our brand new range of compost, soil and mulch packaged products.

Our garden product bags are not recyclable in your yellow-lid council bin (and are definitely not in your green organics bin), so we have come up with a solution.

Return your empty Jeffries compost, soil and mulch bag to a local participating stockist and Jeffries will ensure it is transformed into useful garden irrigation pipe and stay out of landfill. For every bag you return, we will not only ensure that the bag is recycled, but will also donate 50c to Community Garden Projects across South Australia.

Community Garden projects provide a great way to grow food, foster good health, improve the quality of urban environments and cultivate vibrant communities, all while providing a common ground for people of varying cultural backgrounds, experiences, ages and interests.

So while your empty Jeffries compost, soil and mulch bag is being recycled into useful garden irrigation, remember that you will also be helping to build and cultivate these important community gardens in our state!

Be sure to look for a specially-marked brown return bin at your local participating stockist…see below for a list of current collection points!